Going Dutch New York


Dutch Design and Architecture are great examples of well-known and well-promoted Dutch innovation in New York, the USA and around the world. Though Dutch Contemporary Art is praised worldwide for its quality, inventiveness and originality, the reputation of Dutch Contemporary Art in New York is incomparable with the cultural exports of Dutch Design and Architecture. In collaboration with parties in the Netherlands and New York, Going DUTCH will structurally promote Dutch Contemporary Art in New York. 

Celebrations launching Going DUTCH will run for four consecutive days, starting Thursday, November 12, with opening events each day through Sunday, November 15. Five Dutch solo exhibitions of internationally renowned and emerging artists will be presented in the “Aperture building” in Chelsea, New York. Artists include Jan van Munster, Benoît Hermans, Dutch One minutes, Madeleine Berkhemer and Carel Visser, whose work is in the collection of the MOMA, among others. Art Affairs, Galerie Ferdinand van Dieten, Steendrukkerij Amsterdam and Witzenhausen Gallery, four established Dutch galleries and Sandberg Institute, a renowned post graduate institute from Amsterdam are also participants.

Going DUTCH will be running concurrently with other Dutch-oriented projects, showcasing all of the Dutch events taking place around the city. Going DUTCH participates and supports 5 Dutch Days, 5 Boroughs and the NY400 celebrations.

The Going DUTCH preliminary timeline as well as the participating galleries and institutions can be found on the website www.goingdutch.us.

Going DUTCH will be organizing artist presentations, Chelsea gallery tours with a Dutch perspective and business networking nights. Hand-in-hand with Dutch corporate New York, Going DUTCH will host a month of the glory of Holland’s Contemporary Art.

Going DUTCH 11.12.09 through 12.12.09
Thursday, November 12  Opening celebrations 6pm - 8pm
Friday, November 13  Opening celebrations 6pm - 8pm
Saturday, November 14  Opening celebrations 12pm - 5pm
Sunday, November 15  Opening celebrations 12pm - 5pm
All exhibitions are on the fifth floor of the building 547 W 27 street (btw 10th & 11th Ave.)


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